Buying and Fetching Home The MonoFly

Jim Greene with Mono
I found a few MonoFlys, most of which were in need of major repair, were not capable of being restored to ultralight status, had owners that were unwilling to communicate, or had what I considered to be "exaggerated" expectations of the "worth" of their aircraft. I finally found one in Ohio, but was held back by the extreme distances involved in picking it up and getting it home. Pictured is Jim Greene, who sold me his. I flew to New Mexico, where my truck and trailer were and then drove the 1,540 miles to Jim's house. Jim helped me load the MonoFly on my trailer, giving me pointers on construction of a framework to secure it.

After The Big Rain
While we were loading it we had one of Ohio's "scatered T-Storms". We finally finished and I began the journey to Washington State.

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