The Engine Page

Every plane needs an engine. After considering many available engines, their costs and reliability,
I decided to experiment with an ex-military engine. Enter the 4A084 "Standard Military Engine"
Thousands of these engines were made for the government to power generators, welders, pumps and about
anything else you can think of that needs a portable power source. So I started my search of ads and auctions.

Ad For Engine

I found my first engine in a local Craigslist ad and paid half the asking price (which is the normal going rate).
This will provide me with hours and hours of tinkering pleasure.

Ad For Engine

The 40 year old engine must first be disassembled and checked for problems, even though it has only 69 hours on it.
(tinker tinker)

Ad For Engine

Checking, cleaning, sandblasting, painting

More to Come !

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